Sep 13, 2011

Adventures in baking...2

Since my last baking adventure, I am happy to report that I was actually able to locate caster sugar. Of course, at the bulk foods store it was not called caster sugar because that would have been too easy. No, instead it was called quick dissolving sugar. (Have I mentioned I'm new at this whole baking thing?) 
So after walking aimlessly throughout the store and getting distracted by bins upon bins of chocolate covered everything, a lady hanging a piƱata finally asked me what I was looking for, looked at me like I had ten heads when I nervously told her “caster sugar” as I was taking a leisurely stroll in the dog food aisle, and then ushered me to the bin...on the other side of the store. 
At last! I had found the magic super secret, super elusive ingredient that seems to be in every baking recipe!  
So home I went with my new discovery and made this yummy biscotti. I’m not going to lie, this recipe made me nervous, but I was determined to conquer! 
It turned out delicious too, except the biscuits in the end weren’t as long as I would have liked them to be. The recipe says to flatten slightly after you make the log of dough on your baking tray, but I would amend this to say, “flatten slightly more than slightly”. My logs weren’t flat enough so instead of the long biscotti that’s easy to dunk I ended up with short and portly. 
Overall a decent first attempt. I will gladly e-mail the recipe if you'd like to try it yourself.

Photos by: me, Kinga Subject 

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