Sep 15, 2011

Hangin' around...

Dedon Nestrest | designed by Daniel Pouzet and Fred Frety 

There are a few things on my bucket-list, owning a Dedon Nestrest is merely one of them. When posting on this blog I always like to use my own photos so I'm not going to be making this kind of post a regular thing, but from time to time I will share some things that have deeply inspired me.

Dedon is a furniture company specializing in outdoor furnishings. Their designs are modern, elegant and whimsical and I want all of it...but mostly I want a nestrest. It was designed by Daniel Pouzet and Fred Frety and while I'm not certain if all of their promotional photos were done by him, the legendary Bruce Weber, fashion photographer and filmmaker, has photographed/filmed many campaigns for the company including Coming Home ( which was so beautiful it became a hardcover book).

I could spend hours going through their blogazine and sometimes find myself daydreaming about where I would hang my own nestrest...I wonder if I could fit one in our six-hundred square foot loft? Hmmm?

Photos: from Dedon website, also check out this movie featuring the nestrest


Amanda Keenan said...

I've been meaning to tell just how much I love this blog of yours! Your photos are gorgeous and I love how you're writing your posts! I just thought I'd let ya know that i'm a fan! lol :)

Kinga said...

Thanks so much Amanda...I've been saying this phrase alot over the past few weeks but nothing seems to cover it quite like this...Your support means alot to me!
I never thought that blogging could be this fun...and it's keeping me on my toes creatively...and to have support from my talented designer's amazing!

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