Sep 14, 2011

The ongoing chalkboard project...

I have a thing for abstract art. It never used to be that way though. When I was first discovering my artistic abilities I thought that I wasn't an artist if I didn't draw objects and people exactly as they appeared. I thought that true demonstration of artistic skill meant that you could draw or paint something to it's exact likeness, and if you couldn't you had no business calling yourself an artist.
I'm glad to say that I very much disagree now, and in fact am almost always drawn to abstract images or very interpretive types of art.

In design school we were presented with a project that involved us drawing a broken cob of dried up corn a hundred different ways. So I got my pencils ready and drew the corn from one hundred slightly different angles. I did these realistic pencil sketches that took me forever and when I was done I was so proud of myself...until the teachers literally ripped the thing off the wall in my final evaluation. FAIL! Epic fail... You see, I had missed the point entirely.
They knew I could draw, that's part of why they let me into the program...and up to that very moment, I was told, they thought I was capable of creative thinking too. WRONG!
They wanted to see one hundred different interpretations of the corn not one hundred exact likenesses... It was an exercise in creative exploration.

Since then I've changed things up alot. I don't have much interest in drawing/painting things exactly as they are (especially when I can just snap a photo). Now, when I paint, I like to just attack a canvas or art board with no real plan. I like the results of sheer spontaneity. It's therapy!
The above painting is my example of an exercise in creative exploration. The black is actually chalkboard paint and I intend to draw something new on it every week with chalk. I've attempted this with another piece before which you can see in this photo...and ended up liking the result so much that I couldn't wash the image away, but this time I won't allow myself to get attached and I will take a photo of each drawing for documentation purposes.

So I will keep updating this "painting" every week with a new image...and I'll keep you posted with the results. It may not always be earth shattering, it definitely won't suit every taste, it won't always be great art, and sometimes you'll laugh at the feeble attempt, but it'll be fun...and that's why I'm doing it.

Photo and art by: me, Kinga Subject

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