Oct 12, 2011


I am definitely getting off to a late start this week and I think I may still have turkey brain from the Thanksgiving long weekend which spoiled us with good company, great food and summer climate. I find long weekends hard to recover from in general, but this past weekend we had a ton to celebrate. My dad's birthday was on Friday followed by some work on Saturday and some much needed laughter, family and thanks-giving on Sunday and Monday.
We are lucky enough to live directly on the Thanksgiving day parade route so we always watch it from our windows, usually with our adorable nieces (and their parents of course). I love seeing their excited faces as the horses and marching bands parade on by and we can sit comfortably and have some breakfast and coffee instead of freezing our behinds on the street (although this year people enjoyed the parade in tank-tops and shorts).

Aside from all of this, I did take some time to just unwind with a sketchbook. I find that when I am lacking focus or having a hard time prioritizing I can generally work through the chaos in my head with sketching or some watercolours. I am also really struggling lately with sticking to a schedule and it's affecting my creativity as well as messing with my shop launch timeline so I have to get things under control.
Truth be told I probably have too much on the go and should set some more serious priorities because my to do list is out of control and includes items like "write a neater to do list" and "for the love of all that is sacred, clean out the closet".

I have also been struggling with not kicking myself out of bed in the morning, which gives me a late start on the day and then I'm mad at myself and feel guilty which makes me want to slam the door in my own face and write on the list "for the love of all that is sacred, wake up earlier". I've attempted to remedy this by setting an earlier alarm which then makes my husband annoyed because I am snoozing the alarm at the hideous hour of five a.m...and again at ten after...and again at...well you get the point but I think even the dog might be done with my attempt at maintaining a schedule.

So today, I'm taking trimmers to my list, cutting out the unnecessary. It's time to defragment, throw out the unachievable (like cleaning the closet) and do some much needed prioritization.
And if that doesn't work, I might slam the door in my own face and then give myself the silent treatment...then I might sit down with a sketchbook and some watercolours.

Photos of my sketchbook by: me, Kinga Subject


Kate said...

I always write superfluous things on my to do lists. And then never do them. Oh well.
P.S. I nominated you for a blog award! Here it is if you'd like to check it out:

Daniella said...

Love the watercolour letters Kinga, they'd make a great children's print for a nursery or something! I'm totally with you on the getting up. I hit the snooze so many times, i'm actually just getting worse sleep. I find I can only really get up no problem if I went to bed before like 10pm the night before, lol.

Thanks for your comment on my engagement photos, Amanda and Nat did such a great job! I love them!

Lauren said...

I've been in such a funk myself lately (and I'm a naturally early riser!). If only I could sketch my way out of it!

Mary C. Nasser said...

I actually found this post inspiring. :) Makes me want to break out the sketchbook and unwind, too.

I think your example of cutting out the unnecessary from our lists is a good suggestion, too.

So nice to meet you through BYW.
All the best,
Mary C. Nasser Art Blog

BlueBerry Ash said...

Hi Kinga, I just subscribed to you blog, nice to meet you btw through BYW! :)
Regarding that paragraph of yours about getting out of bed. I am fighting with this issue too. I am working from home and no one waiting for me at my work place and I don't have boss why will count minutes. I love that, but here the thing it’s, not disciplining me at all. So I have to kick my own butt. :) And I got few ways doing it. I have a fantastic quote that helps me a lot “You can’t get ahead if you can’t get out of bed”. This phrase literally frightens me, kicks my adrenaline and makes me going. Another thing is my golden rule- never ever snooze alarm. Few reasons: first- I will not going to get up anyways, second reason eventually when I will get up , I will be feeling tired and will not be productive through the day, only because I didn’t have a good sleep for the last hour with this snoozing going on. So I just set alarm on comfy time and get out of bed straight away, everyday at the same time exept weekend. I found my way and I know you will find yours. Hope it didn’t sounds to patronising, I didn’t mean too.:) Have a nice day.

Kinga said...

Kate - Thanks for the nomination...so fun!

Daniella - I hear you about going to bed at ten...back when I was maintaining a good schedule Nathan used to make fun of me for it...I can't help it, I just love to sleep...

Lauren - A funk is never good. I hope you find your way out!

Mary - Nice to meet you! Thanks for stopping by and see you "in class"...

Maria - That doesn't sound patronizing at all...I welcome any and all suggestions especially the one about the snooze button. the snooze button and I are good buddies...It's my enabler, and it needs to stop!
Thanks for stopping by and I hope you're enjoying the course!

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