Nov 23, 2011

La Lune...La Mer...prints by Double Merrick

La Mer + La Lune prints by Double Merrick 

Happy Wednesday! I am just dropping in today to share my love for these fun screen prints. They are by Double Merrick and I found them on the Keep Calm Gallery page. I like the beautiful imperfections on these and the neutral tones are really speaking to me.

Since taking up silk screening as an obsession I have been toiling away in my studio like a mad scientist desperately trying to make perfect prints and it seems that with silk screening this is pretty near impossible. There are too many steps, each with a unique set of challenges and I have an obsessive compulsive need to master each one of these steps so the learning process for me has been caterpillar-crawl-slow.  Each print comes out slightly different and slightly imperfect and perhaps what I need to learn from all of it is to embrace the imperfections...or so my husband tells me. Maybe this once I should listen to him?

Be sure to visit the Double Merrick website as well as Keep Calm'll be inspired for sure!


Kate said...

I love these!

Lauren said...

I think these are stunning. I find it so hard to embrace imperfections, and in this process (which I know *nothing* about), I imagine the imperfections are hard to avoid! Can't wait to see some of your stuff.

Mackenzie said...

Thanks for the link Kinga! Love these prints...Might add some onto my wishlist for my new home!

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