Dec 19, 2011

Lemon chewies and a break...

Hello  everyone! I hope you're doing well! So I have been missing in action...a little! I'm sure it goes without saying but this time of the year is so busy (for all of us) and last Friday I decided to be spontaneous and completely unplug. I stopped checking in with the various forms of social media, stopped concerning myself with blogs and my usual wanderings on the inter-webs. I don't know about all of you, but sometimes I get stuck on too much of clicking my way from one beautiful corner of the web to another and often this becomes overwhelming.
It's just too much input, a complete system overload which usually leads to a meltdown. I have to learn to stop with the compulsion to keep up. So I did just that and today I feel quieted and ready (kind of) for the holidays so bear with me as posting may be a bit sporadic and light over the next few weeks.

I did some baking a few weekends ago and tried out this recipe called Lemon Chewies with Honey form The Cookiepedia book by Stacy Adimando. I love this book! Completely! It's a fun book with a ton of easy to follow recipes and these cookies were delicious! A perfect pairing to a cup of tea with honey and a lemon slice to warm up your winter nights or if you're like my husband...a glass of milk will do the trick!

Find the recipe here if you're interested...(it was excerpted from the book with permission of the publisher) or pick up the book here and here...and if you do try them be sure to let me know what you think...My next adventures from this book will be Gingersnaps and Molasses Spice cookies. Yum!  

I hope you're having a good Monday!

Photos by: me, Kinga Subject


Carla said...

Hi Kinga I am with you on the sensory overload meltdown........sometimes we lose ourselves.
Yummy lemon chews look delicious!!
Have a Merry Christmas and here's hoping that LensBaby is wrapped up and under that tree. (if not something else just as fabulous)
Carla x

Lauren said...

They look delicious Kinga, and I love the pops of red with the neutral palette! I'm winding down to some unplugged time too. Chocolate crinkle cookies are on our list!

Tracey Fisher said...

Your photography is beautiful. My family LOVES lemon baked goods of any kind so I can't wait to try these. They look so yummy - thanks for sharing.
Have a wonderful holiday!

Michelle * Viva Revival said...

Those sound yummy! I think we all need to take lots of breaks, it helps us recharge. I'm planning on taking a week or so break and I'm pretty excited about that. I love blogging and all this stuff, but it's also nice to get away.

Cathy said...

Well done on "stepping away" - I can so identify with how you can get caught up in it all. I am taking a complete break from posting til 2012 (a conscious decision in my way to take a break!). By the by - I LOVE your photography and keep popping baack to peek again!! Well done! Merry Christmas!!

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