Jan 31, 2012

Picture postcard {7}...

Today I am sharing with you a postcard from 1905. What I fell for on this card is that incredibly sunny image of a beach scene on the front. It looks so warm that it makes me want to pack a bag and head for warmer climates. The caption on the front reads Aberystwyth, from Constitution Hill, and the blurb on the back reads:

Dear Dulcie
Can you come up here after tea tomorrow, tuesday 
and go with me to see Nellie.
If it is fine come about six o'clock.
Love Mother

Of course this isn't really all that interesting except that with today's various means of contacting one another it's hard to imagine sending a postcard via snail-mail to make an appointment...with your daughter.
I also looked up old Aberystwyth (Wales) and found that it would be a lovely place to see, so now it's on my bucket list of places to visit...judging by this photo it doesn't look all that different a century later.

Wishing you some sunshine today, wherever you may be!

Photos by: me, Kinga Subject


Hilary Inspired said...

Appointments by postcard... Fascinating!! Looks like a stunning place!

Tracey Fisher said...

I love these snippets of postcards. So interesting ... so much more interesting than say ... imessage - yo dulcie - after T - we'll hit Nellie's - about 6? xo mom :)

federica said...

Lovely works! F.

Sarah Morgan said...

Your photos -- and the postcard -- are absolutely gorgeous! My grandmother lives in Wales, and it really is beautiful.

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