Mar 28, 2012

DIY pendant light...

We have had it on our to-do list to hang some sort of light over our dining table for a long time now (three years) and I'm happy to report that on the weekend we finally got around to it. Finally! It has probably taken us so long because we don't commit to permanent fixtures easily; for example we have yet to put a nail in a wall to hang art or photos...we're the "lean it casually on a shelf or sideboard" types just to avoid patching holes in the likely case that we don't like where something is hanging.  

It has also taken us so long because I have been dreaming of hanging a cluster of George Nelson Bubble Lamps to complement the vintage vibe of our mid-century modern dining furniture, but sadly they are out of our budget at this point in time as is the Random Light which I love love love!

So our solution was to make one ourselves!  Now it's obviously not a real Random Light and I am not Bertjan Pot but we did follow this tutorial from the creative minds at House and Home and we are thrilled with the results not to mention that we (meaning hubby and I) had a ton of fun in the process.

The basic idea is to wrap a big bouncy ball with yarn soaked in fabric stiffener and allow to dry which sounds really simple but don't let the tutorial fool will need an extra set of hands. If you're thinking of trying it I suggest you enlist your spouse, your kids, a neighbour or a random it's more fun when you share the experience...and one day you can reminisce..."Hey, remember that totally random time we randomly made a Random Light? So random!"

This beauty cost us under fifty dollars to make and we really love it...A lot. Although, technically I was only responsible for getting messy with glue and yarn as Nathan did all the hard work (like assembling the necessary components to light a light bulb (?) and actually hanging the thing from our fourteen foot ceiling)....but who's keeping score? 

A fun weekend project indeed!

Photos by: me, Kinga Subject


Amanda Keenan said...

Totally lovely! It turned out so well!!!

Tracey Fisher said...

Wow. It looks amazing. I just love it waiting to be hung in front of the window. Well done.

Nina said...

It looks great! Makes me want to start working on my own light.

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