May 31, 2012

Museum of Modern Art...

One of the best things about visiting New York is the museums and I was really looking forward to visiting MoMa which was a short walk from our hotel. I had never been before and was glad to find that the building itself is a huge piece of art with its vast open spaces and gorgeous court yard. I could have spent the whole day there wandering about, taking it all's definitely a place to get lost.

My favourite exhibit (besides the Van Gogh and Picasso displays) was the James Rosenquist installation which took up a whole room and was installed in twenty three sections (see the second last photo above). I really wanted to tell all the other museum patrons to get out so that I could stand in a corner and stare for a while to see all of its you think that would have been rude or selfish?

I definitely need to return to this museum in the future and spend a whole day going through it slowly, patiently...

Photos by me, Kinga Subject


Amanda Keenan said...

Awesome Kinga! Looks like you had a blast! :)

Mary C. Nasser said...

I love the MOMA, too!
You really captured the energy of the modern art and its visitors in your stunning photography!
I really enjoyed this post and photos!

So nice to meet you through BYW 2.0.
All the best,

Meesh@idreamofchairs said...

Hi Kinga,
Just popping in from BYW 2.0! I love your photos from New York and the MOMA. Hope to get there someday!
Nice to meet you!

Lisa @celebrate CREATIVITY said...

Hi Kinga, stopping by for a visit from BYW 2.0.

I love how your photos show so much action and movement.

Great photos and a pleasure to browse.

Enjoy your weekend and I'll see you in class,


Kinga said...

@ Amanda - Thank you! We had a ton of fun!

@Mary - Thanks for stopping by and for your sweet comments...I hope you're enjoying class so far!

@Meesh - Thank you! So glad to meet you through BYW2.0...having fun so far?

@Lisa - Thanks for dropping by and commenting...I love connecting with fellow BYW classmates! Off to check out your blog now!!!

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