Jun 16, 2012

Wreck this journal...

A little while ago I was buying cold medication at the pharmacy down the road and came across this "journal" in the book section and of course I couldn't resist...I had to buy it. The title completely pulled me in with its demand for destruction: WRECK THIS JOURNAL. Wreck it? Are you serious? I found myself looking over my shoulders. Is someone watching me? Is this a joke? Will I get arrested if I do what it tells me? Am I on candid camera? Clearly my cold was far more severe than I realized at the time and I was perhaps a bit feverish...Wreck it?

So naturally, I picked it up and started to flip through the pages and strangely I found myself wanting to do everything they were telling me to do. I was getting all kinds of happy from instructions such as:

Draw lines while in motion, on the bus, on a train, while walking.
Tie a string to the spine of this book. Swing wildly. Let it hit the walls.
Use this as a test page for pens, paints, markers or art supplies.
Hang the journal in a public place. Invite people to draw here.
This page is dedicated to internal monologue (it would appear I have plenty of that)
Collect fruit stickers here (stickers you find on bought fruit)...

Anyway, I'm sure you get the idea...and the photos above are a good indication of what it looked like new...Someday, when I have thoroughly wrecked the heck out of this "journal" I will share with you the remains...if it survives the fire.

Photos by me, Kinga Subject

ps... don't worry, I won't actually burn it...not entirely anyway...and there is also a page that tells me to bring the journal into the shower with me and I also won't do that...no I won't do that! 

pps...to see what other people have done to this book to wreck it visit this Amazon page


Mary Jo said...

Hi Kinga-
Both my kids have worked through this journal, twice! Yep, I have bought this book four times. It is a blast to do all these exercises. And so liberating. The end result is battered and beautiful. I can't wait to see your finished book!
Mary Jo

Hilary Inspired said...

This sounds hilarious and fascinating! You'll have to share more of your experience as time passes.

Daniella said...

Ha! What a neat find!

Milk Woman said...

I love journaling and writing and came across this one several times in Amazon... But I also don't feel like wreking it in case I had it!

Anastasia said...

what a great notebook - hope you wreck it good!!!

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