Jan 1, 2013

A new beginning...

Hello there and welcome to a brand new year! I wish you all joy and peace and hope that the love, happiness and generosity you've been blessed with over the holidays pours into and spreads throughout this new year, making all of the days bright and cheerful. I apologize for my absence over the past few months, I never intended the hiatus to be so long, but as one day stretched into the next I found myself retreating further and further into a long meditation of sorts. These are the ways of a creative life I guess...sometimes it's best to honour the need to take a time out.

It was a rest I desperately needed and I hope you can forgive my unannounced disappearance but know that I'm alright and I'm back to share with you the creative adventures that await.

The studio has been quiet and patiently waiting for my return to normalcy too and my presses call to me  to get printing. I am anxious and excited with the possibilities of new projects while getting going on finishing up some old ones.

On another note, this year I turn thirty. Yes, the big three-ohh. A good friend of mine recently reminded me that like herself, I too will survive turning thirty, but I'm not going to lie, I still struggle with it. I am however going to use turning thirty as fuel to get a few things done. In the past I have perhaps preached to you about my refusal to write resolutions for a new year but I have recently realized that my entire to-do list from day to day is an evolving list of resolutions depending on how you look at it. So I have written a list...or rather refined an ever evolving to-do list. It's sort of my "Get it Done" list for thirty...

This isn't a complete list, I will post the complete list on another page at a later time, but some of the things I'd like to get done in my 30th year (so before I turn 31) are...

-open Etsy shop. (finally)
-write/illustrate a kid's book.
-master scorpion pose in yoga.
-take a pottery class.
-run a charity race 
-get a tattoo
-take an acting class
-have my paintings in a gallery
-take a photo a day for one year

It's not the most ambitious list but it's my list so there it is...I will post it in its entirety on another page and link it at the side and then I will update it as I cross things off and share with you experiences as I have them. Cheers to the new year! May you be blessed and as always thank you for following along!

ps. Have you written a list? What are a few things you'd like to accomplish in 2013?

photo: by me

1 comment:

Daniella C said...

Happy new year Kinga! Hope your holidays went well! I'm still working on my list, but i'm looking forward to reorganizing it all, lol...

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