Jan 27, 2013

Let love grow...{linocuts on a Line-O-Scribe}


...yes, let love grow! Let it!
What I love most about having a vintage line-o-scribe press is that I can make all kinds of prints with it. I use wood type on it as well as polymer, both of which yield a somewhat controlled look, but I've also tried my hand at printing with linocuts on it which yield a more handmade look. 
I love the satisfaction of making something completely by hand. In this case, I carved the design on easy carve blocks at my dining table, with the sun shining in, while I caught up on my missed TV shows then headed to the studio to print away. On this press I have to ink the blocks by hand between pulling each print so there is always the opportunity for uneven coverage...in fact I can always count on having uneven coverage so what I love most about this process, and the prints it yields, is that they will never be perfect. NEVER! It's just so much fun to every once in a while completely let go of perfection...
I now have a nice pile of these next to all of my other piles that are ready for listing...I'm getting close now...so close!

How was your weekend? Did you get up to anything creative?

Photos and art by me...p.s These prints are 13 x 19.

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