Mar 13, 2013

Lesson Learned: Tina Fey...

In another life Tina Fey and I are best friends. She thinks I am hilarious and laughs at all my jokes and even uses some of them from time to time without giving me credit. I'm alright with it because we're real close...we are like the image on her book cover, where Tina is portrayed by Tina and I am portrayed by the fat hairy hand cupping her cheek...because friends support friends and let them steal their jokes sometimes. 
In this life, reality settles in, and I tell you that this is just one really funny book I read on vacation while I was sitting poolside or on the beach sipping fruity, mostly non-alcoholic drinks. I loved it from cover to cover and often found myself laughing uncontrollably. The book is a collection of essays about her experiences; growing up, taking a honeymoon cruise, writing the Kotex Classic commercial for SNL, impersonating Sarah Palin etc... Oh why am I telling you this, just go buy the book. It's worth every penny.
What I do need to tell you is that this book taught me something. A lesson. Or rather it supported something I have already been trying to tell myself for years!
"Do your thing and don't care if they like it" ...p.131
I believe that this is the secret ingredient to success as a creative person. Sometimes we get so bogged down with concern about whether the right audience will like our work that we start to change and tweak and water down our initial instincts/choices. We try to please people we don't even know when really it's those first instincts that make our work unique and reflective of ourselves.
I wrote a small manifesto of sorts for myself a few years ago, to always bring me back to my own path if I happen to stray... and it goes:
I aspire to do work that first inspires me, and if by some small miracle others also find it inspiring, then I will take that as the highest compliment anyone can pay me and pay it forward.
There's more to it, but that's the gist of it...I'll write about the "pay it forward" part in another post because this one is already a small novel and naturally I have more to say on the topic.
Anyway, thank you Tina Fey (my bff) for making me laugh on vacation, and if you are actually reading this...please know that I was afraid of cruises before and now I will never ever go on thank you for that also.

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